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Taiwan, situated in East Asia, is a captivating island spanning over 36,000 sq km. Each region exudes its unique culture and charm, from the bustling capital of Taipei to the lively port city of Kaohsiung, and from the picturesque coast of the southeastern region to the towering mountains in the central region.

As you embark on city explorations, immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of its many night markets, where you can indulge in authentic Taiwanese cuisine and drinks. Beyond urban excitement and scenic landscapes, delve into indigenous cultures and visit historical sites from the Dutch, Ming, Qing, and Japanese eras to truly experience the essence of Taiwan.


Top Attractions in Taiwan

Main Airports in Taiwan

   Taoyuan Airport (TPE)


Taoyuan International Airport serves as Taiwan's primary international aviation hub and is conveniently located closest to Taipei City. Travelers can reach the city center in just 36 minutes via the Airport MRT, while the Taoyuan High-Speed Rail Station is a quick 20-minute journey away.

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   Kaohsiung Airport (KHH)


Kaohsiung International Airport is an ideal gateway for exploring southern Taiwan and the Taitung region. A convenient 15-minute metro ride from the airport will transport you to the heart of Kaohsiung City, with direct connections to the high-speed rail station and the railway station.

   Taichung Airport (RMQ)


Taichung International Airport serves as a convenient point of entry to the vibrant city of Taichung, the second largest city in Taiwan. It takes approximately 25 to 45 minutes by car to reach downtown Taichung from the airport.

   Tainan Airport (TNN)


Tainan Airport, situated in Tainan City, provides a limited selection of international flights. Its advantageous proximity to the city center allows travelers to reach downtown Tainan with just a 15-minute drive.

Taiwan Guides by Region

Taipei  •  Taichung  •  Kaohsiung

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