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Located in Southwest Taiwan, Kaohsiung is the island's third-largest city. While it is better known for its port and industrial activities, Kaohsiung offers a diverse range of delicious culinary options. In recent years, the city has added notable art and leisure attractions. Additionally, the city center is just a 15-minute metro ride from the airport, making it a convenient choice for a quick weekend getaway.


Kaohsiung's modern development began in the 1860s when it officially opened as a port after the signing of the Treaty of Tianjin. During the Japanese colonial period, Kaohsiung was strategically developed as a major port and industrial base due to the empire's desire to expand south. As a result, it became the most heavily bombed city in Taiwan during World War II. After the war, Kaohsiung continued to grow and eventually surpassed Keelung, becoming Taiwan's largest port.


Suggested Itinerary

For first-time visitors, consider allocating 4-5 days. The city's attractions are easily accessible by metro and light rail, offering great flexibility in itinerary planning. Many visitors choose to explore the warehouse art district of the Pier-2 Art Center and Cijin Island on the same day. Additionally, don't miss the nearby historic city of Tainan and Qishan Old Street, both just an hour's drive away.

Kaohsiung Airport → Formosa Boulevard Station → Liuhe Night Market
Pier-2 Art Center → Hamasen Railway Cultural Park → Cijin Old Street → Kaohsiung Lighthouse
Tainan Day Tour
Qishan Old Street → Dragon Tiger Tower → Ruifeng Night Market
SKM Park Outlets → Kaohsiung Airport

Top Attractions

Best Areas to Stay in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung has an excellent metro network, and staying near Red Line stations like Kaohsiung Main Station, Formosa Boulevard, Central Park, and Sanduo Shopping District is particularly convenient. These stations are just one direct ride away from the train station and the airport. Moreover, the City Council Station and the nearby Yancheng District, known for their art attractions, offer a range of great-value options.

    Red Line stations   ✓ most convenient

     Just Sleep Kaohsiung Station

     JOHO Hotel

     Hotel Dua

    City Council Station   ✓ newer options

     inns hotel

     Fullon Poshtel

     Hotel Leisure

    Yancheng District   ✓ close to art district

     Papo'A Harbor Hotel

     Hotel Yam Lagom

     Tenz-Go Hotel


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