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Hua Hin
Travel Guide

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Hua Hin, a beach resort area near Bangkok, has been a favored summer retreat for the Thai royal family since the 1920s. From the city center to the northern area of Cha Am, there is a long stretch of coastline dotted with various seaside resorts. Additionally, there are vibrant night markets and shopping malls to explore. Nature enthusiasts can venture to picturesque spots like Tham Khao Luang Cave and Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park during the day.

Due to the relatively scattered accommodations and attractions within Hua Hin, you won't find overcrowded beaches no matter where you go. Despite the longer travel time of 3-4 hours from Bangkok compared to Pattaya, many visitors still choose to come here for the more relaxed and tranquil atmosphere that Hua Hin offers.

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Suggested Itinerary

Since it takes around 3-4 hours to reach Hua Hin from Bangkok, it's recommended to allocate at least 3 days for your trip to avoid a rushed itinerary. With ample time, you can fully enjoy the hotel facilities and leisurely explore nearby attractions, including the many Instagrammable beachside restaurants and cafes in town.

Bangkok → Resort Check in → Hua Hin Night Market
Hua Hin Railway Station → Vana Nava Water Park → Cicada Market → Tamarind Market
Sam Roi Yot National Park Day Tour → Market Village
Khao Wang Palace → Khao Rong Cave → Bangkok

If you plan to hire a car for a round-trip from Bangkok, consider making a stop at Khao Wang Palace and Khao Luang Cave, located about a 1-hour drive north of Hua Hin, to further enrich your itinerary!

Top Attractions

Best Areas to Stay in Hua Hin

Regardless of where you stay, transportation is necessary to reach certain attractions. Stay near the city center's night markets, Market Village, or Bluport Mall if you prefer to explore shopping areas on foot. For a even more peaceful beach experience, consider staying in Hua Hin's southern Nong Kae area or the northern Cha Am area.

    City Centre   ✓ shopping area

     The Peri Hotel

     The Standard Hua Hin

     Maven Stylish Hotel

    Nong Kae Area   ✓ quieter

     Verso Hua Hin

     Amari Hua Hin

     iSanook Resort & Suites

    Cha Am Area   ✓ quieter

     Bay Window @ Sea Hotel

     Eco Cozy Beachfront

     Regent Chaam

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