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Taipei, Taiwan's dynamic capital, brims with diverse cultures. Besides the bustling shopping district of Ximending and the iconic Taipei 101, the city offers numerous large night markets, creative shopping spots, and museums. Each visit brings new discoveries!

Since the late Qing Dynasty (1885-1895), Taipei has been Taiwan's political center. Further planning and development occurred during the Japanese colonial period (1895-1945). Despite rapid urbanization, the city proudly preserves its rich historical and cultural heritage, including the old city gates, ancient commercial and residential areas of Dadaocheng and Bopiliao, as well as numerous impressive public buildings from the Japanese colonial era.


Top Attractions

Suggested Itinerary

Most of Taipei's attractions are concentrated near MRT stations, allowing for flexible itineraries. For first-time travelers to Taipei, it is recommended to allocate 4-5 days. Spend three days exploring the city and visiting night markets, and then dedicate two days for day trips to nearby areas. Among them, the itineraries to Beitou and Danshui, Jiufen and Shifen are the most popular choices.

Taoyuan Airport → Ximending Shopping
Dadaocheng → Huashan Cultural and Creative Park → Raohe Street Tourist Night Market
Jiufen Old Street → Shifen Old Street → Jingtong Old Street
Beitou → Tamsui → Shilin Night Market/Ningxia Night Market
Taipei 101 → Gloria Outlet → Taoyuan Airport

If you have the time, consider staying a night at a hot spring hotel in Beitou to experience Taiwan's hot spring culture. Alternatively, choose a unique seaside guesthouse in Jiufen to slow down and savor the beauty of this mountain town.

Best Areas to Stay in Taipei

When it comes to convenience, the top choices are near Taipei Main Station or Ximending. These areas provide excellent transportation, dining options, and a wide range of accommodations. You can also consider staying within 3-5 stations from the main station.

    Taipei Main Station   ✓ transport hub

     Roaders Plus Hotel Taipei Station

     N Hotel

    Ximending   ✓ shopping district

     Sotetsu Grand Fresa Ximen

     Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Ximen

    Near MRT stations   ✓ easy to get around

     Cloud Hotel Arena

     Hotel Gracery Taipei

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