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Pattaya, a vibrant seaside resort town near Bangkok, is renowned for its stunning beaches, thrilling water activities and lively nightlife. Along the beach, and a variety of seaside resorts, some offering pool villas and small water parks. Its captivating coastal beauty has earned it the nickname "The Eastern Hawaii".

Originally a small village by the sea, the city experienced a significant development boom during the Vietnam War when American soldiers sought recreation here. In recent years, the city has added water parks, shopping centers, and night markets to cater to families and young travelers, further enhancing the overall excitement. Let's take a look at how to spend a perfect 2-3 day trip in Pattaya!


Top Attractions

Suggested Itinerary

To fully enjoy water activities in Pattaya, allocate at least 3 days. Take a day trip to "Koh Larn" for snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing, and banana boat rides. If you still have the energy, spend another day at a water park with thrilling giant slides. The remaining time can be spent exploring large shopping malls, night markets, and enjoying the facilities at your hotel.

Day 1
Bangkok → Pattaya → Jomtien Night Market
Day 2
Koh Larn Day Tour (Snorkeling/Water Sports) → Pattaya Beach → Central Festival
Day 3
Floating Market / Nong Nooch Tropical Garden → Ramayana Water Park → Thepprasit Market
Day 4
Sanctuary of Truth → Terminal 21 → Khao Kheow Open Zoo → Bangkok

Best Areas to Stay in Pattaya

For those who prefer exploring and shopping, staying in the bustling city center near Pattaya Beach is ideal. It offers a concentration of restaurants, shops, and excellent transportation. If you seek a peaceful retreat to enjoy hotel amenities, consider staying near Jomtien Beach, just a 30-minute drive from the city center. Here are some highly-rated new accommodations:

    Pattaya Beach   ✓ city centre

     Payaa Hotel

     Arbour Hotel & Residence

     Somerset Pattaya

     Grande Centre Point Space

    Jomtien Beach   ✓ quieter

     Bayphere Pattaya Hotel

     Ana Anan Resort & Villas

     Andaz Pattaya

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Kept Bangsaray Pattaya 7.jpg

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