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Taichung, the second-largest city in Taiwan, is situated in the heart of the island. This vibrant city serves as a gateway to explore some of Taiwan's most captivating natural attractions, including Gaomei Wetland, Sun Moon Lake, and Cingjing Farm. Within Taichung itself, you'll find the bustling Fengjia Night Market, renowned as one of the largest night markets in Taiwan.

For history enthusiasts, the city offers the enchanting Rainbow Village and a plethora of Japanese colonial buildings scattered around the Taichung Train Station area. Now, let's delve into the must-see highlights for your 4-5 day trip to Taichung!


Top Attractions

Suggested Itinerary

Taichung's attractions are quite spread out, often requiring a longer travel time between the main sights. Gaomei Wetland and Wuqi Fishing Harbor, located near the airport, are perfect to visit on your arrival or departure day. On the other hand, Sun Moon Lake, Cingjing Farm, and Xitou are best explored as individual day trips.

Taichung Airport → Audit Village → Fengjia Night Market
Cingjing Farm → Hehuan Mountain
Sun Moon Lake → Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village
Rainbow Village → Miyahara shopping → LaLaport → Hanxi Night Market
Wuqi Fishing Port → Mitsui Outlet → Gaomei Wetland → Taichung Airport

Best Area to Stay in Taichung

If you plan to go on day trips frequently, staying near Taichung train station would be the best choice, as it offers more direct bus and train routes to the surrounding areas. If you crave nightly street food adventures, consider Fengjia Night Market or Yizhong Street instead. Keep in mind that transfers may be necessary to reach certain attractions.

    Taichung train station   ✓  transport hub

     Central Land Hotel

     DDInn Hotel

    Fengjia area   ✓ vibrant night market

     Holiday Inn Express Fengchia
     inn Joy Hotel

    Yizhong street   ✓ vibrant night market

     Aroma Chew Hotel
     Easylazy Inn


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