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Hokkaido is Japan's northernmost island and one of the less developed regions. Home to the indigenous Ainu people, Hokkaido underwent modernization following the Meiji Restoration in 1869. Today, it proudly preserves its pristine landscapes and rich agricultural and seafood resources, including delectable king crabs and hair crabs.


Must-visit areas include the bustling city of Sapporo, the historic port cities of Hakodate and Otaru, as well as the renowned hot spring retreat of Noboribetsu. Tourists also flock here for its ski resorts and the annual "Snow Festival".


Top Attractions

Main Airports in Hokkaido

   New Chitose (CTS)


New Chitose Airport, just 37 minutes from Sapporo, serves the most domestic and international flights. Direct routes include Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok, and more. For budget travelers, consider flying with Jetstar or Peach from Tokyo or Osaka.

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   Hakodate (HKD)


Hakodate Airport, the region's second-largest, offers direct flights to Taipei and Hong Kong (seasonal). It's conveniently situated just a half-hour drive from Hakodate's city center and right next to the Yunosawa Onsen area, ideal for those seeking to unwind at an onsen ryokan immediately upon arrival.

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