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Tokyo to Kawaguchiko: bus/train to Mt. Fuji Five Lakes (ultimate guide)

Kawaguchiko is one of the most popular destinations for travelers visiting Tokyo, renowned for its breathtaking views of majestic Mt. Fuji and tranquil lake. In this article, we have compiled information on the four primary transportation options available to reach Kawaguchiko station. These include the "Fuji Excursion" train, which offers a direct route from Shinjuku and is complimentary for JR Pass holders. We'll also compare the prices and travel times of various railway and highway bus options. Let's see which transportation method suits you best!

   4 Ways to Reach Kawaguchiko:

1. Fuji Excursion Train fastest + direct train!

Shinjuku (Tokyo) → Kawaguchiko Duration: from 1h52m Fare: 4,130yen >> Train Schedule <<

The "Fuji Excursion" Limited Express train is the fastest way to reach Lake Kawaguchiko. This route operates 5 times daily, with morning departures towards Kawaguchiko ( ⇨ Schedule ) and afternoon departures towards Shinjuku ( ⇨ Schedule ).

The train also stops at Shimoyoshida, Mount Fuji, and Fujikyu-Highland stations. Due to high demand and assigned seating, it is highly recommended to purchase your ticket at least one month in advance.

JR Tokyo Wide Pass: must-have for long-distance excursions!

With the JR Tokyo Wide Area Pass (15,000 yen/3 days), you can enjoy free rides on the "Fuji Excursion" train (reservation required). This pass provides great value for money if you plan to visit Lake Kawaguchiko (approximately 8,260 yen) and explore other mid-to-long distance destinations. For further information, please refer to:

2. JR + Fujikyuko Train greater flexibility!

Shinjuku (Tokyo) → Otsuki → Kawaguchiko Duration: from 2h11m Fare: from 3,530yen (rapid) >> More Info <<

If you're unable to secure a reservation for the "Fuji Excursion" limited express train, don't worry. Otsuki Station, located approximately an hour away from Shinjuku, has regular "Fujikyuko" local, rapid and limited express trains to Kawaguchiko. These trains operate almost hourly throughout the day, providing even greater flexibility.

With the JR Tokyo Wide Area Pass (15,000 yen/3 days), you can ride the train from Otsuki to Kawaguchiko for free, excluding reserved seats on sightseeing cars. However, for other JR Pass holders, an additional ticket purchase is necessary.

3. Express Bus cheaper option!

Tokyo → Kawaguchiko Duration: 2h - 2.5h Fare: from 2,000yen >> More Info <<

The express bus serves as a cost-effective alternative to trains. While the journey may be subject to road conditions, these buses provide a wide selection of departure times throughout the day. Currently, there are routes available to and from popular tourist areas such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Tokyo stations, Narita, and Haneda airports. This makes it a convenient choice regardless of your preferred starting point for the journey.

4. Day Tours most hassle-free!

If you prefer not to arrange your own transportation, you can consider joining a day tour from Tokyo (multiple tours available on Klook / KKday). Most of these tours provide point-to-point transportation to various iconic and instagrammable spots, including Oshino Hakkai, Arakurayama Sengen Park, Oishi Park and more.

Here are some highly-rated options for you to consider which one suits you best:

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