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10 BEST Kyoto Ryokans with Private Onsen & Natural Hot Spring for 2024

In this article, we have gathered a list of the best Kyoto onsen hotels with private onsen or natural hot spring. Most of the Kyoto accommodation on this list are within a 5-minute walk to the closest train station or metro station, allowing you to get to the main sites in Kyoto easily. Let's take a look at our picks of the best onsen hotels and ryokans in Kyoto!

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1. The Westin Miyako Kyoto large onsen facilities!

📍 Keage station (2min walk) Number of Rooms: 266 Reference Price: Agoda |  ✓ rooms with private onsen

The Westin Miyako Kyoto is a traditional Japanese ryokan boasting one of the largest onsen spa facilities in Kyoto, and is completed with a traditional Japanese garden, a fitness center, a swimming pool, three restaurants, a tea room and a bar. It's conveniently located just a 2-minute walk from Keage subway station on the Tōzai line. Moreover, guests can enjoy a complimentary shuttle service to Kyoto Station, operating every 30 minutes.

The hotel offers a total of 266 guest rooms, with the standard room size starting from a generous 38㎡, providing ample space for guests. All rooms is equipped with Heavenly Bed®, ensuring a guaranteed level of comfort and a restful sleep experience.

All Japanese-style rooms come with private natural hot springs for guests to enjoy. // View Room Details

Spa KACHO, recently opened in April 2021, stands as one of Kyoto's largest spa facilities. The bath pools within the spa are supplied with the "Kyoto Keage Onsen", a natural hot spring sourced directly from the hotel's grounds.

⇨ Check Price & Reviews: Agoda 8.6 | 8.8 

2. Fufu Kyoto private onsen in all rooms!

📍 Keage station (10min walk) Number of Rooms: 40 Reference Price: Agoda |  ✓ rooms with private onsen

If you seek an immersive experience in the true essence of Kyoto, Fufu Kyoto is your ideal choice. Surrounded by picturesque traditional Japanese gardens, this hotel offers rooms that are thoughtfully designed with private onsen baths, providing guests with unparalleled relaxation. The hotel is located right next to Kyoto City Zoo, and is about a 10-minute stroll to Keage subway station on the Tōzai line and a quick 5-minute walk to the nearest bus stop.

With a collection of 40 Japanese-style guest rooms, the hotel proudly showcases the distinctive cultural atmosphere of Kyoto. Embracing the essence of Kyoto, each room is adorned with traditional iron teapots, handcrafted flower vases, and carefully selected seasonal flowers and plants.

All guest rooms are equipped with cypress wood baths and natural hot springs. The springs feature a gentle alkaline composition, providing a pure and soothing bathing experience. Note that the hotel does not have any public bath facility. // View Room Details

⇨ Check Price & Reviews: Agoda 9 | 9.1 

3. ALA Hotel Kyoto budget-friendly!

📍 Kyoto station (6min walk) Number of Rooms: 387 Reference Price: Agoda | 

Opened in 2022, ALA Hotel Kyoto stands out as one of the most wallet-friendly choices among Kyoto's onsen hotels. Its prime location ensures easy access, with a mere 6-minute walk from Kyoto station, providing convenient connections to JR, Kintetsu Railway, and Kyoto City Subway. The hotel boasts spacious guest rooms and a minimalist-style large public bath adorned with natural hot springs, allowing guests to unwind and rejuvenate in style.

The hotel offers 387 guest rooms, with standard double rooms range from 20-26m² in size. The rooms are thoughtfully designed with separate toilet and shower areas.

The hotel's public baths follow a minimalist style, characterized by a predominant gray color scheme. Guests can enjoy both indoor and open-air pools within the bathing area. The natural spring water used in the bath is sourced from the Fushimi area in Kyoto.

⇨ Check Price & Reviews: Agoda 9.3 | 9.1 

4. Kyoto Umekoji Kadensho private bathhouse with unlimited use!

📍JR Umekoji-Kyotonishi station (1min walk) Number of Rooms: 180 Reference Price: Agoda |  ✓ private bathhouse x 5

Opened in the spring of 2022, Kyoto Umekoji Kadensho is a relatively affordable Kyoto-style ryokan. Conveniently situated only a 1-minute walk from JR Umekoji-Kyotonishi station, it offers easy access to Kyoto Station in just 4 minutes. The ryokan features five spacious private bathhouses, available for unlimited use throughout your stay at no additional cost!

The hotel offers 180 rooms with sizes starting from 22m². In addition to standard double rooms, there are also options available with 3 or 4 beds, making it highly convenient for large groups and families.

Guests can indulge in the hot springs with utmost privacy by using one of the five meticulously designed private bathhouses for free. These bathhouses provide generous space, ensuring that more than two adults can comfortably enjoy their soak.

⇨ Check Price & Reviews: Agoda 9 | 9 

5. Onyado Nono Kyoto Shichijo Natural Hot Spring

📍 Kyoto station (5min walk) Number of Rooms: 471 Reference Price: Agoda | 

Onyado Nono Kyoto Shichijo Natural Hot Spring, opened in 2021, is just a 5-minute walk from Kyoto station via the underground shopping mall, offering easy access to Kansai Airport and various attractions in Kyoto. As part of the Dormy Inn chain, treats its guests with complimentary ice pops to savor after indulging in the hot spring bath. Furthermore, guests can relish a complimentary late-night ramen at the restaurant every evening.

The hotel offers 471 guest rooms with sizes starting from 16.2m². For guests seeking more spacious quarters, opt for twin rooms or higher-tier room categories.

Quadruple rooms with two separate sleeping areas are also available. The rooms also feature a separate bathroom and toilet design, ensuring convenience and comfort during your stay.

The hotel features various types of baths, including pot baths, stone baths, cypress wood bath and more.

⇨ Check Price & Reviews: Agoda 9 | 9 

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6. Kyoto Hot Spring Hatoya Zuihoukaku Hotel

📍 Kyoto station (4-min walk) Number of Rooms: 102 Reference Price: Agoda |  ✓ rooms with private onsen

When it comes to the most centrally-located hotels with natural hot spring, Kyoto Hot Spring Hatoya Zuihoukaku Hotel is definitely on top of the list. It's just a 4-minute walk to Kyoto station and the surrounding area is filled with shops and restaurants. The hotel has close ties with different temples and shrines in Kyoto, and various temple and cultural experiences can be booked exclusively through the hotel.

The hotel offers 102 rooms with sizes starting from 18.4m², mostly in Japanese-western style design. There are also rooms that can accommodate up to 4 to 8 adults comfortably. // View Room Details

The public baths feature natural hot springs drawn from a depth of 910 meters, and can relief nerve, muscle and joint pains.

⇨ Check Price & Reviews: Agoda 8.8 | 8.5 

7. Sora Niwa Terrace Kyoto sky bath with views!

📍Kyoto-kawaramachi station (2min walk) Number of Rooms: 102 Reference Price: Agoda | 

Sora Niwa Terrace Kyoto, opened in June 2022, is located right at the downtown area, close to major attractions like Hanamikoji Street and Kiyomizu-dera temple, and just a 2-minute walk to Kyoto-kawaramachi station on the Hankyu Kyoto Main Line. The main highlight of the hotel is definitely the public bath with open views of the cityscape of the ancient capital.

The hotel boasts 102 rooms, mostly King Rooms (18-20m²). All rooms are decked with Japanese-style elements inspired by the nearby Kamogawa River.

The hotel offers two public baths, one of which features spellbinding views of Kyoto. Both baths are supplied with natural hot spring water sourced directly by the hotel and have a depth of 1.2 meters, allowing guests to comfortably soak while standing.

Between 16:00 - 18:30, every guest is treated to a free welcome drink at the rooftop bar, where they can savor the picturesque views of the Kamo River and Higashiyama. Adding to the experience, the bar's seats are thoughtfully equipped with foot baths.

⇨ Check Price & Reviews: Agoda 9.4 | 9.2 

8. Soraniwa Terrace Kyoto Bettei private onsen in all rooms!

📍Kyoto-kawaramachi station (2min walk) Number of Rooms: 32 Reference Price: Agoda |  ✓ rooms with private onsen

To elevate your onsen experience, you might consider staying at Soraniwa Terrace Kyoto Bettei, located within the same building as Sora Niwa Terrace Kyoto. Both properties share the same public bath facilities, but the main distinction is that all rooms at Soraniwa Terrace Kyoto Bettei are equipped with private onsen baths!

The hotel offers 32 rooms with sizes starting from 28.2 to 48.9m², all of which has a balcony and an open-air private onsen. // View Room Details 

⇨ Check Price & Reviews: Agoda 8.8 | 8.7 

9. Kadensho free use of private bathhouse!

📍 Arashiyama station (1min walk) Number of Rooms: 105 Reference Price: Agoda | ✓ rooms with private onsen, private bathhouse x 5

Kadensho is one of the large-scale onsen ryokans in the Arashiyama region. It's conveniently situated just a 1-minute walk from Arashiyama station on the Hankyu Arashiyama Line, and you can arrive by direct bus from Umeda station in Osaka. The hotel features spacious public bath facilities, as well as five private bathhouses, which can all be enjoyed at no additional cost!

The hotel provides 105 guest rooms, each featuring one of three designs: traditional Kyoto townhouse style, Kyoto-Western style, or Kyoto-Japanese style. Some of the rooms are equipped with semi-open-air or open-air private onsen bath, adding an extra touch of relaxation. // View Room Details 

Guests can indulge in the soothing natural hot spring of Arashiyama at the indoor stone bath or the open-air rock bath.

The hotel offers five complimentary private bathhouses, with two located indoors and three situated in open-air settings.

⇨ Check Price & Reviews: Agoda 8.7 | 8

10. Togetsutei Hotel private onsen in all rooms!

📍 Arashiyama station (6min walk) Number of Rooms: 25 Reference Price: Agoda | ✓ rooms with private onsen, private bathhouse

Togetsutei Hotel is a charming traditional Japanese onsen ryokan nestled alongside the picturesque Togetsukyo Bridge. It enjoys a convenient location, just a 6-minute walk from Arashiyama station on the Hankyu Arashiyama Line. The hotel consists of three buildings, with two of them situated alongside the tranquil river, offering guests a soothing and scenic environment during their stay.

The hotel provides 25 Japanese-style rooms featuring traditional tatami mats. Each room is thoughtfully equipped with a cypress wood bathtub.

Four of the rooms feature a semi-open-air or open-air private onsen bath, which are made of Shigaraki-yaki pottery or cypress wood. While soaking in the hot springs, guests can delight in the picturesque views of the nearby river and moutains. // More Room Details

The hotel is completed with indoor public baths only. Private bathhouse for up to 4 people are available for rental. For those seeking a more immersive bathing experience, it is recommended to stay at one of the above-mentioned private onsen rooms.

⇨ Check Price & Reviews: Agoda 8.5 | 8.1

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