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8 BEST Yufuin Hotels & Ryokans with private onsen for 2024 (with the best reviews!)

In this article, we have gathered a list of the best Yufuin onsen hotel and ryokans with private onsen or private bathhouse. Most of the hotels on the list are located near the main shopping street, Yunotsubo Kaido Street, while some even provide free shuttle services to the JR station. Let's take a look at the best Yufuin hot spring for your next trip!

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1. Yufuin Baien free private open-air bath access!

✓ Rooms with private onsen, private bathhouses (free use) Number of Rooms: 26 Reference Price: Agoda | 

Yufuin Baien, recently renovated in 2021, is a traditional Japanese ryokan with a modern twist, offering top-notch facilities. In addition to the public baths, the hotel boasts spacious private open-air bathhouse that guests can freely enjoy. Conveniently situated a 15-minute walk from Yunotsubo Kaido Street, it's an excellent choice for those seeking a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle.

The hotel provides 14 rooms in the main building and 12 rooms in the annex. Five of the annex rooms feature private open-air baths, while the remaining rooms have toilets but no in-room shower facilities. // View Room Details

⇨ Check Price & Reviews: Agoda 9 | 9

2. Yufuin-bettei Itsuki Ryokan cottage with private onsen!

✓ Rooms with private onsen Number of Rooms: 14 Reference Price: Agoda | 

Yufuin-bettei Itsuki Ryokan is an idyllic retreat designed for those seeking serenity and rejuvenation. It offers 14 distinct standalone cottages, each thoughtfully designed with its own private hot spring bath. The ryokan is located within an 8-minute stroll from Yunotsubo Kaido Street and Lake Kinrin, and a 5-minute drive from Yufuin Station.

Each of the 14 standalone guest rooms showcases one or even two semi-open-air or indoor hot spring baths, each exuding its own unique allure. Several rooms can comfortably accommodate up to four individuals. // View Room Details

⇨ Check Price & Reviews: Agoda 9.2 | 9.3 

3. Yufuin Onsen Toshoan all rooms have private onsen!

✓ Rooms with private onsen Number of Rooms: 8 Reference Price: Agoda | 

Yufuin Onsen Toshoan sets itself apart from other ryokans in Yufuin with its unique location beside vast farmland, providing a unique view of passing trains. Conveniently situated just a 5-minute drive from JR Yufuin Station and Yunotsubo Kaido Street, this secluded hotel ensures a private experience for every guest, with each room boasting its own beautifully designed private onsen bath.

For those seeking open views, the "COSMOS" room on the second floor of the main building is an ideal choice. It features an open-air ceramic onsen pool that offers picturesque vistas of the surrounding countryside. // View Room Details 

For more spacious accommodations, choose the "Botan" room (75m²) in the annex building. It is completed with a large terrace and features both an open-air and indoor dual hot spring bath, with the outdoor rock bath capable of accommodating multiple people. // View Room Details 

⇨ Check Price & Reviews: Agoda 9.2 | 9 

4. Nihon no Ashitaba free private open-air onsen access!

✓ Rooms with private onsen, private bathhouses x8 (free use) Number of Rooms: 13 Reference Price: Agoda | 

Nihon no Ashitaba occupies a spacious area of over 1.4 hectares and all of its guest rooms are transformed from old traditional houses. The ryokan is dedicated to providing a serene and private space, which is why it does not have a public communal bath. Instead, it offers eight complimentary private bathhouses, including one exceptionally large pool surrounded by the tranquil forest.

The ryokan comprises a total of 13 standalone guest rooms, each thoughtfully spaced apart to ensure utmost privacy. Some rooms are equipped with private baths, while others do not have shower facilities. Guests staying in the latter rooms can avail themselves of the private bathhouses for bathing. // View Room Details 

The hotel provides eight complimentary private bathhouses. Each group of guests can enjoy 30 minutes of exclusive usage for free.

⇨ Check Price & Reviews: Agoda 9.4 | 9.6 

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5. Ryotei Tanokura all rooms have private onsen!

✓ Rooms with private onsen Number of Rooms: 11 Reference Price: Agoda | 

Ryotei Tanokura is a traditional Japanese-style hot spring ryokan that offers the luxury of private baths in all guest rooms. During your stay, you'll be treated to a delectable traditional Japanese-style Kaiseki dinner and breakfast. Conveniently situated near Lake Kinrin and just a 3-5 minute walk from Yunotsubo Kaido Street, this ryokan combines an ideal location with exceptional facilities.

Five of the rooms on the first floor offer the added luxury of open-air baths and spacious balconies, allowing guests to unwind and enjoy their own private garden space. // View Room Details

The ryokan provides four public baths, including two indoor baths and two outdoor baths.

⇨ Check Price & Reviews: Agoda 9.3 | 9.2 

6. Yufuin Hoteiya standalone houses with private onsen!

✓ Rooms with private onsen, private bathhouse x2 (free use) Number of Rooms: 13 Reference Price: Agoda | 

Yufuin Hoteiya is a charming ryokan that predominantly features standalone guest rooms. Nestled amidst nature, the ryokan's buildings boast traditional thatched roofs, creating a captivating village-like atmosphere. The ryokan is conveniently located just a 3-minute walk from Yunotsubo Kaido Street, and it also offers a complimentary shuttle service to and from JR Yufuin station.

Among the 13 guest rooms, 11 are exquisitely designed as traditional Japanese-style standalone houses. Each standalone room offers the luxury of either an open-air or indoor hot spring. // View Room Details 

The ryokan features two open-air public baths beautifully integrated with the surrounding nature. Additionally, the ryokan provides two rental baths for guests to enjoy.

⇨ Check Price & Reviews: Agoda 9 | 8.8 

7. Yufuin Ryokan Sansoh Warabino all rooms have private onsen!

✓ Rooms with private onsen Number of Rooms: 13 Reference Price: Agoda 

Yufuin Ryokan Sansoh Warabino is a luxurious and stylish hot spring hotel located in Yufuin. The hotel features only standalone houses, each equipped with 1-2 private onsen baths. It is one of the few hotels in the area that allows a check-out time of 12 PM, allowing guests ample rest before continuing their journey.

With a variety of four room types and a total of 13 standalone guest houses, the hotel extensively incorporates natural stones sourced from Hita City, Oita Prefecture in Kyushu.

Among the room types, two-story standalone houses are available, offering a unique experience. These houses feature both semi-open-air and open-air hot spring baths on both the upper and lower levels. // View Room Details 

⇨ Check Price & Reviews: Agoda 9.3 

8. Yufuin Onsen Tsukanoma budget-friendly!

✓ Rooms with private onsen Number of Rooms: 9 Reference Price: Agoda | 

Yufuin Onsen Tsukanoma is one of the most budget-friendly ryokans in the region. Situated in close proximity to Mount Yufu, it offers a tranquil environment. Transportation to and from the ryokan requires a car or taxi, with a travel time of approximately 5-10 minutes to reach JR Yufuin Station and Yunotsubo Kaido Street.

All guest rooms at the ryokan are standalone houses. With the exception of one room exclusively for female guests, every room comes with a private onsen bath and a simple kitchenette. // View Room Details 

The natural hot spring used in the public bath emerges from a depth of 500 meters. Thanks to the low number of guests, you can enjoy a spacious and uncrowded bathing experience.

⇨ Check Price & Reviews: Agoda 8.9 | 8.9

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