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Hong Kong Airport to City: Ultimate Guide to the Airport Express, Bus & Taxi

Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) and the city centre are well-connected by the Airport Express, Airport Bus and Taxi. Depending on the transport you choose, it typically takes around 24 - 60mins for you to get to areas like Central and Tsim Sha Tsui. We will give you some ideas on what to go for in this article.

The easiest way: Airport Express + Metro

If you want to get in town as quick as possible, the Airport Express is your best choice. It will take you to Central in just 24 minutes. The train currently runs every 12-24 minutes from 5:54am to 12:48am from the Airport. Click here for the latest schedule

There are 5 different stations on the Airport Express line, and from Tsing Yi, Kowloon and Hong Kong station, you can change to other metro lines. Depending on your destination and where you get the ticket, the prices are slightly different:​

​Payment Method

Adult Fare


E-Ticket (from Klook)

$59 - $96

E-Ticket (from KKday)

$59 - $96

E-Ticket (from MTR Site)

​$65 - $110

Octopus Card Payment*

$65 - $110


Physical Ticket from station

​$70 - $115


* If you pay with an Octopus Card, you can enjoy free interchange to other metro lines

There is no entrance gate at the Airport station. For the ride to the city, you just need to scan your E-ticket or tab your Octopus Card or Airport Express ticket at the gate of your destination station on the Airport Express line.

The cheapest way: Airport Bus

The Airport Bus is a slower but much cheaper alternative to the Airport Express. There are over 60 bus routes available, covering almost the entire city, anytime of the day and night. Here are the routes serving major tourist districts that might be useful for your stay:



​Estimated Time

Service Hour



​Central: ~55mins, Causeway Bay: ~65mins

05:10 - 23:30



Mong Kok: ~45mins, Tsim Sha Tsui: ~60mins

​05:30 - 00:00



Central: ~65mins, Causeway Bay ~75mins

​05:20 - 00:00



Mong Kok: ~60mins

05:30 - 00:00



Causeway Bay: ~ 55mins, Central: ~ 65mins

00:20 - 04:50



Mong Kok ~60mins, Tsim Sha Tsui: ~80mins

​00:20 - 04:40

Note that "A" buses head to the city directly, while the cheaper "E" buses make stops at the airport logistic area and Tung Chung before heading to the city so it takes a little bit longer.

For the payment, you can pay by Octopus Card or with cash as you get on the bus. Note that no change will be given. If you don't have the exact amount of cash, you can buy a ticket for "A" buses from the ticket booth at the bus terminus, where you can pay by bigger bills or credit card.

The most hassle-free way: Taxi

Of course, the easiest way would be taking a taxi, and it's pretty economic if you're traveling with 2 to 3 people. The average price per person is just slightly more expensive than the airport express. Here are the estimated fares for major tourist districts:


Estimated Fare

Mong Kok


Tsim Sha Tsui




Causeway Bay


For a complete list of estimated price, you may refer to HKIA's website

The taxis in Hong Kong are charged according to the taxi meter. There are surcharges for toll and luggage storage ($6 per piece you store at the baggage compartment). The final fare will be displayed at the end of your journey.

Unless you hire a taxi through apps like HKTaxi or Uber, most taxis only accept cash payment. Note that most drivers prefer notes smaller than 500 HKD. If you don't have enough cash with you, be sure to ask in advance if other payment methods are accepted.

Other thing to note is that you will find 3 types of taxis in Hong Kong. They serve different areas of the city. In most cases, you will only need the Urban taxi (red). There will be staffs at the airport guiding you to line up for the right taxi, so I'm not going into details in this article.

Normally the the taxi can fit up to 4 or 5 passengers depending on its type, but since the baggage compartment can only store 2 to 3 pieces of luggages, if all the passengers are carrying their own luggage, it might be impossible to fit everything into the same taxi.


1. What is the fastest way to get from Hong Kong Airport (HKG) to the city centre?

The fastest way is by the Airport Express. It only takes you 24 minutes to travel from the airport to Central.

2. How much does the Airport Express in Hong Kong cost?

The cheapest price can be found on Klook & KKday, and it ranges from HK$59 - $96, depending on your final destination.

3. What is the cheapest way to get from Hong Kong Airport (HKG) to the city centre?

The cheapest way is by the Airport Bus. Though the travel time is a bit longer, the fare (~HK$14 - $40) is much cheaper than the Airport Express (HK$59 - HK$96).

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